About Blitz

Confirmed by the Luxembourg professional fabric, Blitz Agency has established its legitimacy with some 15 years of experience. During that time, Blitz has been backed with the renewed trust and the strength of links with its customers; this has contributed to its rising popularity both as a leader in its sector of activities and as a skillful agency capable of answering its professional partners’ specific needs.


A service dedicated to companies and institutions

Blitz Agency is run by Laurent Antonelli and Michel Zavagno and is structured both in Paris and in Luxembourg. In this way Blitz expands its photographic activities far beyond the greater region and also answers any international requests. Blitz activities are mainly focused towards the corporate and also favours just as well institutions and private businesses of all sizes (from global companies to craftsmen and family businesses). Confidence placed in Blitz executives and in their teams shows recognition not only of their professional skills, but also of their abilities to listen carefully to their customers’ photographic communication needs.


Create useful images for business

Business as a specific context demands that photography delivers a clear and unequivocal message. This approach explicitly expresses Blitz Agency’s will to look for the best answer to meet their clients’ expectations. Visual identity is dedicated to a marketing strategy and to the various effects it may trigger in public space.

Luxinnovation Biothechnologies

People, stories and meetings

Exchanges, talks, mutual understanding so as to reach a common goal. Here is what Blitz Agency directors are trying to achieve. Above all an image is the fruit of a human effort, a story that is meant to be told confidently, a reflection of one’s personality that we agree to bring to light, that our staff at Blitz Agency will endeavour to enhance. We are talking about a trust relationship, we are talking about giving yourself safely to our camera. Let’s talk about it!