Architectural professional photography

Architectural photography demands expertise with a specific know-how. Hand in hand with a complete  technical mastery and with an utter and adequate knowledge of the subject’s culture and history. And again in all likelihood a genuine interest in every step in the architectural construction and its enhancement. Blitz Agency excels in photographic reports about buildings’ interior arrangements that must reflect as closely as possible the company’s atmosphere and identity. Through spatial organisation, both manners and professional well-being clearly bring up the companies’ quality of work and image. Among other things, this is what Blitz Agency tries to achieve with its photographies.

Outdoor architectural photography

As both photographers Laurent Antonelli and Michel Zavagno are art and architecture enthusiasts, they do tend to distinguish themselves by offering original perspectives on buildings. While meeting major private and public organisations’ aspirations, Blitz photographies show the true nature of buildings and at the same time suggest how they can be used in their natural environment. Architecture is much more than a mere facade. The photographical processes, as considered through various well-thought out choices (angle of shots, format, focal distance, writing of light) deal with giving real flesh and substance, depth and perspective to our pictures, this way bringing the building closer to its typical daily life.  

Indoor architecture

Indoor scenography tells a lot about a company’s structural and human organisation. The choices brought to prevailing colours, to materials and to furniture vectorise space requirements and foresee modes of social relations. Finally scenography clearly deals with the true nature of atmosphere at work, and paradoxically it deals with its ability to open up to the outside world. Unlike being an enclosed space, a workplace oozes current trends. Blitz photographers’ aim is to faithfully transpose the various atmospheres that preside over both appeased and efficient working conditions


Construction site supervision

As part of the essential steps in construction, the architectural work site is more concerned about the idea of progression that involves all trades towards the actual achievement of projects. Professional photography has a monitoring and information role. In its global service offer, Blitz Agency is in charge of gathering an iconographical data bank that will be of use if necessary to disseminate images as part of communication campaigns for both media and building trade developers. Construction sites and men who have a part in the realisation of an architectural work are part and parcel of its history. It is also in that that human dimension is never overlooked in our policy.   

Panoramic photo and virtual visit

Circa 1470, a panoramic painting attributed to Piero Della Francesca was proposing a purely harmonious architectural representation in immersion: the Ideal City, a genuine revolution in those days. Cutting-edge technologies in photographic reproduction used by Blitz Agency allow from now on to report accurately the major-scale of a building and to escort the visitor though the maze of a virtual tour.

Finding the answers to your needs thanks to our architectural photos

Architectural photos realised by Blitz Agency will illustrate any of your communication supports (brochures, company magazines, websites, etc).
If you want to talk about your projects, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for more information.