Corporate photography service for your company presentation

Blitz Photo Agency offers a diversity of first-rate photography services that meet all professional needs. Laurent Antonelli and Michel Zavagno, both managers at Blitz, know how important it is to listen to their customers’ expectations. They both propose to meet on site so as to talk about the implementation of a common project. Excellence is attained through perfect visibility and understanding of a society. Photographies that efficiently illustrate communication materials contribute to enhance the business symbolic and commercial value.

Corporate pictures to strengthen your image

Blitz Agency understands the improvement of display and visibility of activities by selecting the best appropriate photographies for brochures, websites, newsletters and other advertising materials. Blitz expertise is very well-known. It offers customers some guarantee of the potential strength and impact of a photography designed to be disseminated widely. To this end, photographers at Blitz work closely with the marketing teams, designers, communication agencies so as to ensure that they provide a service that matches their requests. Attempting to realise to best possible product remains a common concern.

Corporate photographies for your books and publishing projects

Blitz Agency’s in-depth experience guarantees the best service towards the most appropriate choice of photographies designed for publishing projects, books and magazines. The aim of a visual report is more than merely providing an embellishment, it also helps with the interpretation and it adds value to the accompanying text. In the end, an editorial logic is maintained over time. As such, Blitz pledges to provide photographies in the long term when necessary.

Creation of image banks

Memory, in this case visual memory, is part of a company’s history. Blitz proposes upon request  to build a new image bank that relates every great moment of a business’ life. And so, this bank represents a reservoir of memories of all the significant events and of all the great participants who took part in the company’s development.